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AUTHOR: Steve Mallach | DATE: 14 January 2016

Real Estate in South Africa – The Safest Places to Invest Your Money


Real estate in South Africa is a great investment, but what about security? We look at some of the safest places in SA for property investment.

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AUTHOR: Steve Mallach | DATE: 13 January 2016

Buy Property For ROI – Are South Africa’s Most Luxurious Suburbs Worth It?


If you want to buy property in order to live the ultra-lux lifestyle in some of South Africa’s most prestigious suburbs then you’re going to have to shell out at least R10m – and that’s just a starting point.

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AUTHOR: Steve Mallach | DATE: 10 January 2016

Property to Rent – 7 Crucial Considerations


What should you consider before investing in property to rent?

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AUTHOR: Steve Mallach | DATE: 10 December 2015

Search Property Listings for Pocket Properties & Get Great Rental Income


Why would anyone want to invest in a townhouse or a flat? The answer is that efforts to search property websites for these sorts of properties often turn up investment grade properties in two markets that have shown consistent returns over the past decade – student accommodation and townhouses.

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A map of the Internet
AUTHOR: Steve Mallach | DATE: 04 December 2015

Houses for Sale with Fast Internet Connectivity Deliver Better ROI


When people look at houses for sale are they factoring in the speed of the Internet access – you bet they are!

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